Ripon College


At Alpha Delta Pi, we are a sisterhood of friends, a family of individuals, and a home away from home. We embrace every woman's uniqueness, we encourage and support each other's goals and dreams, and we value character above all else. Founded in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, Alpha Delta Pi was the first secret society for women.

Letter From the President!

Hello! Welcome to the website for the Delta Pi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. My name is Lexzie Hassemer, and I am the current president of our chapter. I am a Senior from Aurora, Colorado, and I am currently on the path to obtaining a degree in Political Science, with the hopes to pursue a career as a lawyer. Coming home to Alpha Delta Pi in 2022 was something I never imagined myself doing. Upon entering college I did not see myself being involved in Greek Life, mainly due to what I typically saw as the “Stereotypical Sorority girl”. However, after getting to know the sisters in ADPi through classes, other campus organizations, and primary recruitment, I realized that I wanted to be a member of this sisterhood. Interacting with the sisters, and other members of the Greek community here at Ripon College, made me realize that I wanted to be a part in something larger than myself, and that I wanted to be a member of this sisterhood specifically. The overwhelming love and support I received by going Greek has truly changed my experience at Ripon College.  

While in the chapter, I have served as Vice President of Finance, and now Chapter President.  Both of these positions play a crucial role in the daily operations of our chapter, but being President has definitely been an incredible experience. This position has allowed me to not only serve as the biggest supporter for the sisters in the chapter, but also has allowed me to be the voice of our chapter, and it means the world to me that my sisters trusted me to do that for them. My favorite thing about being the president is being able to create a caring and welcoming environment where my sisters are able to grow into the women they want to become. Serving as an active demonstration of our open motto, “We Live for Each Other.” My sisters have always challenged me to be the best version of myself every day, and have always been there for me without question when I needed it most. I could not be more grateful for the presence of Alpha Delta Pi in my life.  

Holding different roles in the chapter has allowed me to grow as a person. When I came home to ADPi, I was struggling with my self image and self confidence a lot. The constant support I have received from my sisters encouraged me to run for leadership positions, and incredibly benefitted my self confidence and my attitude. I can confidently say my time in this chapter so far has changed me for the better, and I look forward to continuing my growth with my sisters by my side. I know this does not happen to everyone who joins a sorority, but I do wish that everyone is able to gain confidence and a sense of self worth within their life whether that happens within Greek life or not. That being said, going Greek and going Alpha Delta Pi specifically, has provided me with endless support and love, and has created some incredible friendships and opportunities for me, that I never would have had otherwise. 

I highly encourage you to look through our website so you are able to see some of the amazing memories we have created as a sisterhood. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about my “Why ADPi?” story, our sisterhood, or Alpha Delta Pi in general.